King Vibes: The Meditation & Mindfulness System for Black Men©

King Vibes: The Meditation & Mindfulness System for Black Men©

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Crowned & Calm Co. was created to help you live in full authority of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and social space that belongs to you. The King Vibes system will help train you in practical tools to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, practice emotional hygiene, increase happiness through gratitude and several other proven benefits of habitual meditation and mindfulness. The best part is, its designed to address the unique needs of Black men. When you order the system, you'll be notified via email when your purchase is ready to download. Crowned & Calm Co.'s "King Vibes" includes a downloadable ebook along with the following audio guides:

1. Intro
A brief welcome and some key information to set the tone for your experience. 

2. Enter Your Kingdom
Foundational meditation guide to establish a comfortable mental space in which to deconstruct old mindsets, build new ones, or retreat into peace when needed.

3. What Stress?
You'll practice proven techniques to quickly attack stress and anxiety at the root, leaving you relaxed and more ready for whatever is next. 

4. Gratitude Flow
Introduces intentional gratitude to your practice in a uniquely elevating session that will add the joy of grateful thinking to your day.

5. Mindful Scan 
This exercise in mindfulness engulfs you in the present with deep gratitude for your entire body. 

6. Issa Vibe
Combining key frequencies with vibe enhancing techniques to elevate your energy and raise your vibration during this session.

7. Emotional Cleanse: Heal & Reset
This exercise in makes the complex work of accessing, acknowledging, and channelling your emotions very approachable and promotes emotional hygiene. 

8. Healthier Relationships
Meditation can help your relationships? Choosing your intention from boundaries to greater compassion can improve friendships, dating, family, and marriage. 

9. Morning Rize
A daily morning session can be clutch when building a habitual meditation practice. This one is designed to start a King's day with joy.

10. Evening Elevation
The wind down before going to sleep is another key opportunity to meditate daily. This session is designed to help elevate your mindset for peaceful rest and positive dreams. 


King Vibes by Raven Thissel

Crowned & Calm Co. LLC, Ruston, Louisiana 71270

© 2020 Raven Thissel

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